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How To

How to Begin the Business Donation Process

Read through this document and the Business Sponsor Form. Note the Levels of Business Donations. Practice your speech in a conversational tone in front of the mirror and with your family to feel comfortable with it. Being prepared shows confidence in your mission and to the business owner.

  1. Visit businesses in your area (doctor, dentist, pizza place, grocery store, activities centers.)
  2. Use resources such as Christian phone books to find businesses in your area. However, don’t be afraid to visit ANY appropriate business! 
  3. Try walking into every business in the strip mall near your home. You might just be a big Business Sponsor winner!
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for support from businesses!  The key to being an award winner is simple: ASK!!! ASK!!! ASK!!! ASK!!! ASK!!! 

Here are some suggestions:

* Request to see the owner/manager.

            “May I please speak to the owner/manager? My name is _______________.

 * A good way to begin your request is with a handshake. Hand the owner/manager the Business Sponsor sheet for them to review.

Good (morning, afternoon, evening).  My name is ________________.  Thank you for giving me a minute of your time.  I play baseball for the Dallas Angels, a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization.  We a Christian-based, homeschool organization that has both Middle School and High School teams. We play competitive baseball with private and public schools in the greater Dallas area.  We are looking for businesses, like yours, who would be willing to help support our team.  And when a business, like yours, supports us, we post their business name on our website,, as a Sponsor, as well as acknowledge you in other ways.”

* Ask for the donation in a close ended sentence.

I would really like to see your business listed on our Sponsor Page this year, would you be willing to sponsor us?” 

*If the business agrees to sponsor you, give them a pen and have them fill out the sheet immediately. Some businesses cut checks at a certain times of the month, but having the completed form is their promise to contribute. Be sure to THANK THEM for their contribution. (If you need to return for the check, be sure to set a time to do that before you leave.)

*If they are not quite ready to commit, but they ask if you can leave them the sheet, say yes, set a time to check back with them, and THANK THEM for their time. Don’t forget to check back with them.

*If they say no, THANK THEM for their time, wish them a good day, and go on to the next businesses. After a certain amount of No’s, you will get a YES. This is a difficult time for some businesses. They may not be able to contribute this year, BUT if you are thoughtful and polite, they may be your biggest contributor NEXT year!!

Tips for successful Fundraising

*Pray about how God can use you in this endeavor. Trust that he is sovereign in all things.

*ASK. ASK! ASK!! ASK!!!  You are not being selfish – You are helping a great organization with a wonderful purpose. 

*If you live close to other players, or share the same businesses with them, please arrange to “split” the businesses between players, so that we don’t end up asking the same business for a donation 5 times! It is best not to team up with other players when asking for Business Donations.

*If you are on our Middle School team, or if it is your first time to ask for donations, take a parent with you for moral and emotional support!

*Make copies of the Business Sponsor sheet so you can enroll more sponsors.  The form will also be available online at  for downloading.

*We hope that all players will help us reach our fundraising goals: New Angels for this year are encouraged to try to raise $300 from Hit-A-Thon pledges and business donations.  Returning Angels are encouraged to try to raise $500 or more. Varsity players are urged to strive for $1000 or more to help with World Series expenses. Trust that God is bigger than your expectations!

*BUSINESS DONATIONS ARE DUE BY December 15th, so we can process and deposit them before year end. We will accept donations any time throughout the year, but most businesses prefer to donate prior to year end to receive their tax deduction this year.

Click Here for a printable version of the instructions above: Business Sponsor Instructions

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