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Parent/Player Meetings 8/16 Middle School & 8/18 High School (see News below for details)

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Sep, 2021

Registration and Tryout Information for MIDDLE SCHOOL - Fall 2021

Registration for HSAA middle school baseball is now open, but can only be accessed via links below in the "Registration Process" section:

Parent/Player Meeting:

If you missed the parent/player meeting, please watch the recording of the meeting here:

Passcode: sDx7bL$T

If you plan to try out, please send an email to [email protected] to let me know you have watched the video (only if you missed the meeting in person or via the original Zoom meeting).


Please note that we are migrating from the website to the website. Registration will be on via the links below. Other information, including news articles, headlines, and the calendar will remain on until we can move them over. 

Registration - What's needed:

An initial tryout fee of $25 (non refundable) can be paid online via credit card or offline via cash or check at the first tryout). All players will need to supply a current physical (YOU CANNOT TRY OUT WITHOUT IT). Please contact me with any questions on physicals ASAP. The physical can be uploaded during registration. A sample physical form is available under the Policies and Procedures tab on the website (and attached). Any form your provider uses is fine as are Boy Scout physicals. Here's what is required for new and returning players.

New Players: The following items are required during registration or at the first tryout.

  • payment of $25 [cash (correct change please) or check payable to HSAA]; or online via credit card or eCheck ($27.30) during registration
  • copies of the physical and birth certificate (these can be uploaded online during registration).

Returning Players: The following items are required during registration or at the first tryout. Please note that the Athletic Release (that we always collected in the past) will be included in the online registration process via questions so no hard copy is needed. 

  • payment of $25 [cash (correct change please) or check payable to HSAA]; or online via credit card or eCheck ($27.30) during registration
  • copy of the physical (can be uploaded online during registration).

Copies of physicals and birth certificates can be uploaded during registration, brought to the first tryout, or emailed to [email protected]. Physicals must be turned in to try out, and registration must be completed.

Registration Process:

Please use a computer and the Chrome or Firefox browser to register. Registering by phone might work, but usually people encounter problems doing that. 

On the website, registration is a 2-part process via the links in this email (not yet accessible from the website itself). The first step is General Registration. You may have gone through this if you have athletes in other HSAA sports. If that's the case, you'll just need to update information and add your baseball player in this step. The General Registration is up and running, and you can access it at:

The second part of registration (BASEBALL REGISTRATION) is now open and operational. If you want to pay by cash/check, please use the drop down menu on the payment page to select the option to be able to pay later / pay offline.

Tryout Process:

We have 4 tryout dates (listed below & updated due to rainout of 1st date). Please attend as many as you can so the coaches get to see/know you better. At the end of the two-week tryout period, the coaches will decide on players for the spring and will name teams later in October.



OCT 2021,SAT

8 - 10pm

MS Tryouts -Prestonwood Graham Field


OCT 2021,MON

6 – 8pm

MS Tryouts - McInnish Sports Complex (field 11)


OCT 2021,SAT

3 – 5pm

MS Tryouts - McInnish Sports Complex (field 11)


 OCT 2021, MON

 8 - 10pm

 MS Tryouts - McInnish Sports Complex (field 11) 

Tryout Check-In:

Before going onto the field at the first tryout, players need to check in. We will start check in at 7:30 on 10/2. If you are registered, all your paperwork has been turned in, and payment has been made, you will just need to pick up your tryout number .
At all subsequent tryouts/practices in the fall (until the teams are named), you need to check in with the volunteers checking in players before practice. Please tell them your tryout number and name as you come in. After the first tryout, if you arrive before the volunteers, please stop by sometime during warmups and check in.
Tryout Numbers:
Players MUST wear their tryout numbers to ALL tryouts and practices until Coach Bill announces they are no longer needed (usually mid to late October). So PLEASE keep track of your number. You will receive 2 copies of your tryout number, and I recommend keeping one in your baseball bag at all times.

What to Wear/Bring to tryouts/practice:
§ Baseball pants (always unless indoors)
§ HSAA practice shirt (returning HS players) or a dark-colored shirt (new players)
§ Protective equipment
§ Baseball equipment (batting helmet, glove, bat, etc. - Catchers, bring your gear)
§ Water (do not share water)
§ Hand sanitizer
§ Mask (in case they are required at any point)

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